Become a Lariat STEM Scholar and open the door to endless opportunities!

Your big dreams aren’t limited by where you live. The Lariat STEM Scholarship Program was created for students between ages 18 to 24, who are from low-income families in rural areas, to pursue their passion in math and science. Our job at the Lariat Future Innovators Foundation is to ensure you get the education needed to earn a college degree today, setting you up as an innovator of tomorrow!

The Lariat STEM Scholar Program

Our Lariat STEM Scholarship is directed towards students between 18-24, from lower-income families in rural areas, who are pursuing a degree in math or science.

Example Eligible Degree Programs

  • Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

  • Biosciences & Pre-med

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Chemistry

  • Materials Science and Engineering

  • Mathematics

  • Nuclear Engineering

  • Oceanography

  • Physics

Details of Scholarship

Students awarded the scholarship, and who continue to meet eligibility requirements, will receive funding annually as follows:

$6,000 as a Freshmen 
$6,000 as a Sophomore
$8,000 as a Junior
$10,000 as a Senior

For Eligibility Requirements and information on applying, Please see the For Students page.

Applications for our STEM Scholarship will open on January 1, 2024 and
are due by June 15, 2024.